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Caltech Cares


About Caltech Cares...

The Caltech Cares website is a centralized place to find support.  Whether you are a student, the parent of a  student, or a faculty or staff member looking for ways to help a student, we have many resources available to you.

For example, if your question is about academics, you might try the undergraduate or graduate deans’ offices, or check in with the Hixon Writing Center.  Managing a personal problem?  We have both confidential and non-confidential resources in place.  Is it a medical issue?  Visit the student health center.  Or are you just looking for someone to fix that dripping tap in your dorm room?  We can make that happen, too. 

This website is organized topically, so that it should be easier to find the answers to your questions.  Most of the material is hosted by disparate Caltech offices—this website is meant to simply guide you to already existing information.